Volkswagen wanted to launch the new polo blue GT in the Greek market. The first problem we had to deal with, was the amount of information we had to communicate, since the new Polo was the first car at the time that carried along the all new ACT technology that combines economy and performance in one engine.

In order to do so, we came up with an idea to create an online academy, basically a branded community who’s objective was to educate and recruit test drives for the new Polo blue GT.

The Blue Academy was a series of interactive tests that people had to solve in order to get an exclusive certificate of efficient driving and at the same time enjoy a test drive with the new Polo.

The campaign was launched with a 2min explanatory film about the new Polo Blue GT followed by the bluacademy website. At the end of the activaiton one of the certified drivers had the chance to spend a month with the new Polo Blue GT and share his experience through VW’s social media.

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The blue GT film on vimeo

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