Rascal is an independent, multidisciplinary communications company that helps businesses transform their brands and perform in the popular culture. We combine talent, experience and cutting edge technology to produce a well-structured and strategically focused 360 approach, optimised to generate impact, a unique user experience and measured results for every brand we work with.

RASCAL IS YOUNG Rascal was founded in 2009 under a vision to become a contemporary agency that embraces technology and transforms brands.

RASCAL IS NOT TRADITIONALThe story is no longer about being traditional, the story is changing rapidly and neither the brand nor the agency can afford to stay traditional any more.

RASCAL LOVES CHANGE You’re free to apply our model a necessary. you can utilize us on your own like most of our client’s do. You can choose to come up with a single idea, a tv spot or a web application, you can also ask us to deliver a 360 communications campaign. Or, we can create for you a performance marketing campaign with measure results that will make you grin from ear to ear. Either way you only have to deal with a single agency.

RASCAL IS A GEEKWe love technology, it changes our lives day-to-day. Technology is the hook to link with the active consumer, the vast field of opportunity in which to sow the seeds of branding and reap the fruits.

RASCAL IS ABOUT CHANGE Bottom line, nothing else matters. Rascal was born out of this necessity and we remain true to that cause every single day and night. We are the hardest working business rascals on the face of this industry and we gladly tie our bonus fees to our performance

RASCAL IS ANOTHER WAYAll you need is the desire to do some really amazing work that gets the wold talking, and we’ll help you do it.
It’s that simple.