Our creatives work hand in hand with our techies employing creativity, technology on demand and tailor-made software to come up with engaging platforms for web, mobile and social media channels. We are constantly on the lookout for that great idea and for that emerging technology to make the brand’s presence felt and engaged and bring the much needed results.

STARTING WITH STRATEGYIt all starts here. Strong strategic thinking is the basis of our culture. Strategy and powerful insights lead to great work. Our strategy works like a brand’s shadow, staying with it all the time.

CREATING CONTENT We call it modern storytelling. Powerful, engaging content about the brand that builds around a solid strategy, exploits the bond of the consumer with technology and helps board the consumers on the brand’s platform. Simple, really.

PERFORMANCEWe specialize in Analytics & tracking tools as well as data incorporation processes for better data understanding and media budget optimization and apply this approach on both data collection level and at campaign level.

Marketing Automation and Data intelligence: Various Digital Real Time Marketing automation platforms and DMP platforms are utilised for the brand’s web properties enabling our clients to protect, analyze, structure, target against and monetize their audience data.

Campaign monitoring and real time bid optimization of all channels including Search, Display, Social: We guarantee the highest ROAS possible for any given media budgets. Our media specialists mine, analyse and uncover hidden patterns, correlations, market trends, customer preferences and use business intelligence to uplift the brand’s media performance. Campaigns are enhanced by cross channel attribution modeling with simulations, forecasting and budget allocation across all digital media.

TECHNOLOGY Rascal is built on technology we always look how to connect people and brands through technology. We use technology to build brands and not the other way around. We are all kids, eager to learn and develop exctiting stuff for the brands we work with.